Patrick McGean

Up until his death in late 2019, Patrick McGean stimulated critical thinking and provoked controversy by exposing what he perceived to be defective mainstream medical procedures and dangerous pharmaceutical products. By analyzing his written statements about health, we can obtain a sense how he would have reacted to the global response to the current pandemic that began in March, 2020.

I am a retinal photographer with a background in ophthalmology. I learned from direct work experience that there is no hope for a good corneal transplant if the tissue is not fresh out of the body within 6 Hours. I know death too well.

The Cellular Matrix (Sulfur) Study began as a result of my son’s testicular cancer. In 1999 the doctors whom I had trained informed my wife and me that our son would not see his 21st birthday. My son was a committed believer in sulfur who never complained, even with the home chemotherapy that my wife administered. During treatment, he looked like a Shmoo from the Li’l Abner comic strip. Today, he is very much alive and is employed as a union welder in Gardner, Kansas.

The study has determined from customer feedback that cellular regeneration begins soon after conception. This sexual union produces a peculiar new biological entity which, upon birth, we start to make all of our own cells. We are truly self-made men and women.

Most people today are sulfur-deficient due to how food is manufactured and grown. In 1954 Agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson approved a rider to the Farm Subsidies Act that mandated the year-round use of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) chemical fertilizers if American farmers wanted to continue to receive subsidy payments for not growing crops on a portion of their land. These chemicals were proven to be bad during the Dust Bowl era, and have disrupted the natural sulfur cycle that transferred this essential nutrient from soil to our food crops.

Sulfur does absolutely nothing, except for transporting oxygen to our cells and taking out the trash… the Trash of Man. Sulfur never enters our cells – the Holy of holies. Sulfur may be the only element suitable as a trash eliminator. Where is the sulfur? It’s in our poop.

No virus dare enter and any virus already on board must leave and go dormant deep into the recesses of our biology. God made the virus to clean our biology, not take over a bankrupt body and render them to the business of burial. The viri are the garbage dudes of our biology. Do you remember the garbage strike of 1988 in New York City?

The Goliaths of Big Pharma are doing their best to kill us off. The prevailing wisdom is that there are “too many damn humans.” Poppycock! Thirty-nine children who were formerly autistic are now back after they started taking organic sulfur – not BETTER, but BACK. In addition, 1200 silly seniors who began adding organic sulfur to their diet have declined being admitted into convalescent homes because they now remember who they are. When the elderly are no longer confined to wheel chairs, you get curious. Customers of ours who are 80 years old and above tell us that “organic sulfur makes girls beautiful, no matter their age, and their men less stupid.”

When sulfur is returned to our diet, remarkable disease recoveries can be allowed to take place.

Buy nothing from Bayer and Bayer will go broke.

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