Find out how drinking organic sulfur with water just twice a day can improve your health

Many customers have remarked how this food product has helped them.

Why you need to take organic sulfur crystals as part of your daily routine


Sulfur Is An Essential Mineral In So Many Ways, especially in detoxifying the body

One of sulfur’s most valuable functions is as an antioxidant. Glutathione, the master antioxidant, relies upon the presence and availability of a sulfur-based amino acid called cysteine.


Our food supply Lacks Sulfur due to Food Processing and chemical fertilizers

Since the 1950s, the rapid adoption of inorganic fertilizers that contain chemicals like ammonium nitrate has destroyed the natural sulfur cycle so that much of this mineral is missing in our food.


Can You Deliver Outside of North America ?

While I ship globally, I am currently not taking orders from residents in Peru, Mexico, Russia,Turkey, or Ukraine due to various restrictions. If you live in Europe, you have the option of choosing authorized distributors in the UK (Ancient Purity), Austria (Goldfraft Trading), and France (Apoticaria).


I am allergic to sulfur. can I Benefit From your supplement?

Sulfur allergies are often triggered by the presence of inorganic substances such as sulfites, sulfides, and sulfa drugs, whereas,  organic sulfur is free of those compounds.


What is the dosage ?

Our bodies cannot synthesize sulfur from the foods we eat. Moreover, we must replenish our source of sulfur every 12 hours. The recommended dosage for adults weighing up to 200 pounds is one teaspoon of the crystals dissolved in non-chlorinated water twice a day


Is MSM The Same As Organic Sulfur?

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural substance found in many foods such as meat and broccoli. Organic Sulfur is a pure form of MSM that is sourced from wood pulp (not made in a lab) and is free of additives that degrade its potency .

Probably 99% of the world's population is sulfur-deficient. Organic Sulfur is a food, not a drug. Big Pharma would go broke if millions started taking organic sulfur.

Read reviews from my clients and loyal customers

“I notice that organic sulfur has tightened my skin (arms/legs) but even more importantly I use it once daily as a toothpaste and it has helped my gums significantly..”

Carol M.-

“I am very pleased with this wholesome product. It does help in many ways, breathing easier, energy, circulation problems, heart problems, liver, arthritis pain of bones and muscles.”

Michele A.

“I've utilized the sulfur crystals for the past year or so and can attest to enhanced circulation and energy. I've recommended this product to several people and suggest everyone supplement their diets with organic sulfur.”

Dan Q.