In April 2016, I suffered severe cuts to my face and chin after accidentally falling on the street pavement late at night.

A friend whom I was with helped bandage me up and drove me home in my car. He thought I should schedule an appointment with a doctor and get examined. I politely refused. By taking a combination of arnica prescribed by my landlady (who is a homeopath), and my supplement, organic sulfur (which is a unadulterated version of MSM made from pine trees), the abrasions on my face and chin began to heal very quickly, as seen by the before-and-after photos taken one week apart.

Before and after photos of Dale Komai after an accidental fall

In another case, I successfully used the same arnica-organic sulfur protocol after I had a cracked wisdom tooth extracted from my mouth. I was referred to a dental surgeon by a holistic practitioner whom I had seen previously. The dental surgeon who removed my tooth prescribed a conventional pain remedy which I chose not to take upon reading about all of its negative side effects. After dental surgery, I set up an appointment with the holistic dentist who applied ozone to my mouth to aid in my recovery. When I saw the dental surgeon for a follow-up appointment a couple of weeks after surgery, he was amazed to see how fast my gums were healing around the area where the tooth was removed. He remarked that he hadn’t seen such fast results from other patients who had undergone dental surgery at his office.

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