Kitten and Dog

Because our beloved companions in the animal kingdom are biological creatures just like ourselves, they are susceptible to common health maladies such as cancer and arthritis.

The nutritional supplement that I sell is a potent form of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) called organic sulfur, and I have been observing and documenting its health effects since 2012. I was asked recently whether I knew of any instances where MSM was used by a customer to help their cancer-stricken pet overcome their illness.

It is a common misconception to assume that every MSM supplement being sold today is essentially the same in terms of their composition and ability to provide material health benefits. The supplement that I sell is produced organically from the lignins of Louisiana pine trees. Its potency is attributable to its crystalline (rather than powdered) structure and the absence of compounds such as silicon dioxide or magnesium stearate that are commonly included during the manufacturing process.

Several years ago, my mentor, the late Patrick McGean, wrote an MSM cancer treatment protocol for humans that Webster Kehr edited and reposted on the Cancer Tutor website.

I am not medically trained or licensed, so I strongly recommend that you do your own research into the subject of cancer. While Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize nearly a century ago for linking the human form of cancer to the existence of an anaerobic environment where cancer cells are able to thrive and multiply due to their ability to substitute glucose as an energy source instead of oxygen, I do not claim that this same premise also applies to our pets.

The link between oxygen and cancer is clear. In fact, an underlying cause of cancer is usually low cellular oxygenation levels. In newly formed cells, low levels of oxygen damage respiration enzymes so that the cells cannot produce energy using oxygen. These cells can then turn cancerous because they don’t make enough energy to function normally in the body.

“Oxygen and Cancer: Low Levels Of Oxygen Can Breed Cancer,” Cancer Fighting Strategies,

To date, I have not received feedback from any customer who has successfully treated their cancer-stricken pet using organic sulfur, The closest case I know of is a past customer whose dachshund suffered from a broken back due to a genetic disposition and was able to walk again on his own after his owner began to add organic sulfur to his water bowl for 10 straight days. Click here to watch the short video.

Finally, click here to download a copy of my PDF document that specifies the recommended dosage to give to animals such as dogs, cats, and horses as well as children.

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