How I became an organic sulfur advocate

As the founder of Organic Sulfur For Health (now disbanded), I served as one of the sponsors of Justin Elledge’s Enlightened Health radio shows that aired over the Awakened Radio Network. In March 2013, I shared health insights about organic sulfur during a guest appearance on Justin’s radio show.

Click here to listen to the 27 minute interview.

Best of 2019 Award

As the visionary founder of Organic Sulfur For Health, Dale received the prestigious Best of Mill Valley Award in the Health & Diet Foods category in 2019.

My unconventional career path led me into a variety of jobs and industries

I have a diverse professional background, having been employed in both the public and private sectors and as a freelance entrepreneur. My work experience and self-study habits have given me the training and skills needed to design websites, produce videos and podcasts, and blog about a variety of topics ranging from health to hi tech.

Educating the Public About the Health Benefits of Organic sulfur Means a Lot to Me

In 2011 when I operated an IT consulting firm called Macsolvers and maintained a podcast website for a client, it never dawned on me that I would eventually leave that line of work in order to become a worldwide distributor of a food product that was being touted by one of the featured radio show guests, the late, great Patrick McGean (aka MR SULFUR).

My vision and strategy

We are engaged in a war that will decide our fate as a human species. On one side are very wealthy and influential patrons who wish to control all aspects of life on planet earth using their synthetic technologies and imposing their arbitrary rules and regulations. As a free will and self-rule advocate, I refuse to support such radical lifestyle changes. Drawing inspiration from Patrick McGean, I support the use and administration of natural products such as organic sulfur