Patrick McGean

I am keeping Patrick McGean’s spirit and legacy alive by republishing his observations about the efficacy of organic sulfur. This post originated from an email that Patrick wrote several years ago when there were fewer participants in the Sulfur Study than there are today.

Organic Sulfur allows our biology to reboot every 7 years by clearing the trash of Man and the synthetic poisons of what we eat and use for our health.

Sulfur increases the permeability of cell membranes to allow for optimal oxygen transport to the cells, and proper waste transport from the cells. Remove sulfur from the food we eat by removing it from the soil, and you can trigger a huge incidence of cancer and every other kind of degenerative disease: Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Mental illness, Arthritis, Allergies, and so on.

The Sulfur Study has 1200 vaccine-damaged seniors who have remembered who they are and are not going to the Home. We also have 39 formerly autistic children who make eye contact and show true love to mom. Moms are important. We should listen.

Funerals for animals get us calls, and our very frank Study members (average age: 77 years old) share other things about sulfur that have shown to work.

So as to not confuse mw with other East High School graduates of the class of 1964, I am one of those who thinks our class is still very capable of making a mark in our little patch of Heaven on Earth.

Save for a friend of the Study who only brushed her teeth with sulfur which allowed her to eat apples again and then gave it all up by committing suicide, I know of no others who are on antidepressants.

Word of mouth has spread the word about organic sulfur into 87 nations. How did we learn anything except by word of mouth? Language when listened to carefully tells a trained medical technician to learn more than intended. Have we all become so cheap that we have forgotten craftsmanship and integrity in our role in the Circles of Life?

Got sulfur?

Patrick McGean 1946-2019
Founder, Cellular Matrix Study

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