Patrick McGean

The late Patrick McGean (1946-2019) wrote this piece in October 2018:
“To prevent or cause a virus to go dormant, the same oxygen one must supplement with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide is the same oxygen organic sulfur transports across the cell membrane. No virus dares to enter, and any virus already on board must leave and go dormant, deep into the recesses of our biology. You can kill, kill, kill, all you want, but how do you kill something without any DNA?

God made the virus to clean our biology — not take over bankrupt bodies and render them to the business of burial. The viri are the garbage dudes of our biology. Do you remember the 1981 garbage strike in NYC?

A “potty mouth” like me should be protected by the First Amendment’s freedom of speech clause. But our Government knows that though sticks and stones can break our bones, bad words will bring down Humpty Dumpty and all the Government alphabet soup agencies who say “they are here to help.” What they need is a life that doesn’t perfect their evil.

Freedom is something only the United States of America can offer, unless we give that freedom over to those who think they are in charge. Who spends the money? Either we do or we don’t.

Organic sulfur is superior to narcotic addiction. What will that do to pHarma?”

Got sulfur?

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