Miracle Mineral Solution (more widely known as MMS) is a form of chlorine dioxide that first attracted public attention after its developer, Jim Humble, successfully used it to purify water where malaria was rampant.

A number of alternative health providers today are recommending and promoting MMS as a consumable product that can mitigate autism and other serious health conditions, while the mainstream medical community is adamantly opposed to its use and alleges that it can even result in death.

A customer of mine recently asked whether her autistic son would receive extra benefits by taking MMS in addition to organic sulfur. Because prescribed medications and nutritional supplements typically contain additives that interfere with organic sulfur, I recommend taking those products a half hour after consuming organic sulfur in order to allow enough time for sulfur to enter your lymphatic system. Fully aware that we should also avoid drinking organic sulfur crystals dissolved in chlorinated water because chlorine will block the uptake of sulfur, I pondered the question.

Two questions come to mind:

• Because of its chlorine component, would taking MMS contraindicate the benefits of organic sulfur?

• If the two products can be taken safely as long as they are administered separately, are there any added benefits?

Before he passed away in 2019, I sought the advice of Patrick McGean, who said that while it is not necessary to take both products as part of alternative health regimen, it is not going to hurt, either.

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