Women experiencing a headache

Detox protocols such as organic sulfur may, in some cases, trigger flu-like symptoms, headaches, dizziness, or diarrhea that result from the rapid purging of toxins from our bodies. Some of my customers reduce their intake of organic sulfur to as little as ¼ or ½ teaspoon once a day in hopes of avoiding a Herxheimer response.

While my advice seems counter-intuitive, I recommend taking another dose of organic sulfur IMMEDIATELY with food if you experience detox symptoms. Do not stop taking organic sulfur! Take two doses daily because sulfur doesn’t remain in the body and needs to be replenished every 12 hours. Our bodies are able to tolerate taking in more sulfur than they can use by simply eliminating any excess sulfur via our bowels. You cannot take too much!

The Cellular Matrix Study has been researching organic sulfur’s impact on the human body since 1999 and has developed an alternative protocol to mitigate detox concerns. The Study has found this dosage protocol to help reduce the chances of a detox reaction:

Dosage Schedule:
Week 1: Begin with ¼ teaspoon twice per day
Week 2: Increase to ½ teaspoon twice per day
Week 3: ¾ teaspoon twice per day
Week 4: 1 teaspoon twice per day

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