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I received a phone call from a customer in his early ’70s (let’s call him Bill) who happily shared that he is no longer suffering from brain fog and is able to remember long-forgotten people, places, and events from his past. He also felt like he had a lot more energy, which is a common observation among people who take organic sulfur for the first time.

Additional feedback from customer

Bill also revealed that he had suffered for years from a painful inflammatory condition in his joints called bursitis. Bill’s affliction triggered a condition called Dupuytren’s contracture that prevented him from bending his wrists at 90 degree angles and laying his hands flat on a table. After beginning his daily sulfur regimen, Bill noticed that the pain had subsided and that he was now able to place his left palm flat on a table without stress or pain.

Bill said that taking organic sulfur has enabled him to regain his sense of manhood by eliminating his chronic bouts with impotence (aka erectile dysfunction). He said that taking commercial products like Viagra was nowhere near as effective as organic sulfur.

Bill did mention a couple of minor issues with taking the product:

• He occasionally experienced a mild headache that never affected him before.
• He would sometimes wake up soon after falling asleep and would subsequently lie in bed for an hour or more because his body was so energized by the oxygen that was flooding his cells.

I told Bill that the headache issue could be caused by being dehydrated and that he should monitor his daily intake to where he is drinking about an ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight. I suggested that whenever he felt a headache coming on, that he should immediately take another dose of organic sulfur with food and water and allow the unpleasant feeling to pass.

With regard to the sleep issue, I recommended that Bill take his second dose of organic sulfur no later than 5pm in the afternoon, which resolved that problem, according to a follow-up phone call that I received.

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